Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MIT Emerging Energy Tech: Regenerative Shocks for Hummers & JLTVs

Though I spend a good amount of time at MIT, here's another new co. it's spawned, Levant Power, I hadn't come across until recently.  The tech is still young, but if it can be proven out, it's going to be a boon for future (and maybe current gen) Army and Marines vehicles:
Senior Shakeel Avadhany and his teammates say they can produce up to a 10 percent improvement in overall vehicle fuel efficiency by using the regenerative shock absorbers. The company that produces Humvees for the army, and is currently working on development of the next-generation version of the all-purpose vehicle, is interested enough to have loaned them a vehicle for testing purposes.
If a reader can ping Army TARDEC or its Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator (FED) folks, I'm sure they'd like to know about this. Perhaps they already do.

Photo of GenShock Courtesy of Zack Anderson

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