Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be Concerned About Russia Week: Part II

Actually, I won't likely post on Russia for a bit after this. But a recent article in DefenseTech caught my attention as it relates to my day job in cyber security. When Putin, Medvedev & co. aren't turning off their natural gas pipelines or taking out journalists, they're stealthily unleashing cyber attacks on their former USSR neighbors. This time is was Kyrgzstan, home to one of the most important air strips in the world used by the DOD. Well, that was the case until maybe today. Loss of that base would add tremendous additional burdens on DOD fuel and other logistics requirements related to Afghanistan. There's lots more going on than here than offensive cyberwar, but it's clearly part of the overall package of threats Russia holds over its much weaker neighbors.

Back at home, the DHS classifies the US national grid and the large power generating facilities as critical national infrastructure. Considerations of energy security from a DOD and national perspective have to consider the vulnerability of our power generation and transmission systems to cyber attack. And while we talk about this, Russia sure is getting a lot of hands-on practice. Oh yeah, and China too (see: Titan Rain).

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