Monday, February 9, 2009

Lessons for DOD: Walmart Boosts Fleet Truck Efficiency by 25%

Wal-Mart's focus on energy efficiency and energy innovation is mentioned prominently in what continues to be my favorite DOD energy document, the DSB Energy Task Force Report on Energy published one year ago. Guess what? The same company that set ambitious energy efficiency goals several years ago is now meeting them. With this announcement, Wal-Mart signals it has reached the halfway point to its goal of a 50% energy reduction in its trucking fleet by 2015.  

Similar to the challenges facing the 4 Services, TRANSCOM and the other parts of DOD charged with moving men and materials, Wal-Mart's solutions are part technology and part process.

Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) played a big role in getting Wal-Mart this far this fast. RMI leads the way in much of the energy innovation going on today. And speaking of leadership, as goes Wal-Mart, so goes the rest of the rest of the trucking industry that has to keep up or move out. Let's hope DOD, in addition to being a great leader in many areas, is also a fast follower where it can leverage lessons learned by other leaders.

Photo: RMI