Tuesday, February 10, 2009

M2E for Soldier Power

One company that can definitely lay claim to the "Wearable Power" category, but which was not allowed to compete in the recent Wearable competition is Motion to Energy (M2E) Power of Boise, Idaho. Why the disqualification? The competition forbid any power generated by the soliders themselves, and that's exactly what M2E does: harvest energy that otherwise would have been wasted. I'll let M2E speak for themselves about their special sauce:
M2E’s technology dramatically increases the amount of power that can be generated from kinetic energy. The power is produced by using motion-produced electromagnetic fields that are harvested, converted to electrical energy and stored for use in a variety of scalable applications. The application possibilities span handheld, mobile devices to larger power requirements, such as hybrid vehicles and power systems for industrial use. 
These folks got their start with some pioneering physics work done with DOE at the Idaho National Lab, and with a passel of generals on their military advisory board, they are sure to find the right connections in DOD. Imagine while on patrol in Afghanistan, your own motion is generating electricity for you and saving you from having to schlep additional pounds of batteries. That would make you pretty happy, wouldn't it?

Image: M2E Power logo 

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