Thursday, April 11, 2013

DoD: Know Your (Likely) Energy Secretary

I first met Ernie Moniz several years ago in his position as head of the new MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) pronounced MIGHTY. Well, looks like MITEI's going to need a new leader soon, because if all goes well for Moniz, and so far it has, he's going to be approved as the next US Secretary of Energy.

As this GTM article reveals, Moniz is in the "pursue everything" camp when it comes to energy security.  This tends to aggravate almost everyone, but speaking on behalf of DEB co-blogger Dan Nolan, and thinking from a DoD context, we like it.

On a personal note, Ernie and I live in the same town just outside downtown Boston, and our paths have crossed during dog-walking duties. Though it's separate from MITEI, as a member of the most excellent MIT Energy Club, I've benefitted from the passion for energy and culture change Moniz has instilled across the campus. Believe he will be a largely positive force for energy thinking going forward, including coordination with and support of DoD initiatives.

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