Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aim High 2013: USAF Updates its Energy Plans

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I remember talks several years ago with Mike Aimone, then an SES and big cheese of Air Force installations and logistics on a workable definition of energy security. After a stint at  Battelle, he's back in DOD as Director, Business Enterprise Integration ODUSD (AT&L)/I&E (BEI) (thanks to Scott Sklar for the correction). Nevertheless, the Air Force's search to define and deliver energy security goes on.

USAF has just released its 2013 Energy Plan, its first revision to the 2010 edition, and it addresses all the right topics, albeit at very high, and highly polished, level. Included is this sidebar on Installation Energy Security:

Installation energy security is complex and each priority under this strategy is part of the total systems approach in place to improve that security. The application of energy security differs among operations as dictated by mission need and varies by the function supported, criticality of the mission, and the time of need or phase of operation. The Air Force is continually identifying the energy requirements for each mission, understanding our options,and developing and exercising response plans that contribute to a ready energy posture. By reducing the energy needed and diversifying generation and distribution options, the Air Force puts less reliance on an already vulnerable electrical grid system.
OK, a little verbose, but it hits the right notes. The report is structured around four main priorities: 
  1. Improve Resiliency
  2. Reduce Demand
  3. Assure Supply
  4. Foster an Energy Aware Culture 
It's good to see Planning, Requirements & Acquisition Policy, and Acquisition and RDT&E governed in the governance structure shown on page 5. Can't do this without their buy-in and participation.

Recommend you give it a read; here's a LINK to the full report.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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