Thursday, March 14, 2013

(Not Just) Another Conference Alert: Military Microgrids

Dan attended this conference last year and unsurprisingly came away with a lot to say, HERE. Well, time flies when you're working DOD Energy and having fun so it's one more into the breach my friends.

There's a 5-for-the-price-of-1 bullet sale going on now at Blogger, so the rest of this post will take advantage of that promotion. Good luck:

  • When: April 30- May 1, 2013 
  • Where: Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge, Arlington, VA 22209
  • For more info and to register click: HERE
  • Point of contact: Marcus W. Min, (310) 320-8128 
Confirmed Speakers: 
  • Mr. Tom Hicks, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Energy, Installations and Environment, US Navy 
  • Mr. Steven Chalk, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy, EERE/DOE 
  • Dr. Jeff Marqusee, Director, DoD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program 
  • CAPT Kerry Gilpin, Director, 1 Gigawatt Task Force, US Navy 
  • Dr. Tim McCoy, Director, Electric Ships, PEO-Ships 
  • COL Paul Roege, Chief, Operational Energy Office, US Army
  • Mr. Don Juhasz, Director, Energy Resource Management, Defense Logistics Agency
  • Mr. Steve Bossart, Senior Energy Analyst, National Energy Technology Lab, DOE 
  • Dr. Allen Hefner, Assistant to the National Coordinator for Grid Interoperability, NIST 
  • Mr. Stephen Schneider, Vice President and Chief Solutions Architect, SAIC 
  • Dr. Charles Chen, Technical Programs Manager, Advanced Concepts, Northrop Grumman 
  • Ms. Angela Watmore, Director, Boeing Energy Transmission and Distribution 
  • Mr. Dan Nordloh, Executive Vice President, ZBB Energy 
  • Mr. Bill Becker, Director, Microgrid Solutions, Spirae 
  • Dr. Bala Vinayagam, Director, Smart Grid Products, GE 
  • Mr. Deepak Devin, President, Varentec 
  • Mr. William Taylor, Solutions Development Leader, Energy and Environment, Honeywell 
  • Mr. Richard Hockney, Chief Engineer, Beacon Power 
  • Mr. Brian Lenane, Senior Principal, Strategic Initiatives, SRA 
  • Mr. Liam Dohn, Project Manager, Smart Grid Division, Siemens

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