Friday, December 28, 2012

No Apocalypse for You: Mayans Were Wrong; DOD Energy Blog Continues

I know many of you will be disappointed in the failure of the apocalypse to materialize.  Having to pay that huge Visa bill is among my personal regrets.  That being said, our predictions for the coming year will be out after I recover from New Year’s Eve….but not right away! 

With the fiscal cliff looming and talk of “self-amputation” among DOD contractors, Defense energy efforts have been a candle in the gloom.  DOD is making significant progress, often in a “one step forward, two steps back” process.  The SPIDERS project is a clear triple if not a homerun.  The Fort Bliss 20MW project seems to be one foul tip after another.  And the AEITF is pinch-hitting for the Corps of Engineers while they sort out the MATOC.   To completely beat the analogy to death, OE has been sent back to the minors to hone their skills.

In a government hamstrung by infighting, lacking of clear leadership and beset on all sides by nimrods who “just want to drown it in the tub”, the DOD energy gang soldiers on.  Their efforts may not be appreciated in their lifetimes, but history will reflect that they made a difference when it counted.  They are not winning many style points, but they are advancing the cause.

Predictions for the coming year will focus on contracting efforts, energy conservation/efficiency, smart grid technology and renewable/alternative options for generation.  If there is anything else you would like me to make up stuff about, feel free to send in your ideas.  Until then, Happy New Year!  Dan Nolan


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