Friday, December 7, 2012

Lions, TGERs and Goats: Go Army!

Great article on my friend, Jerry Warner’s Tactical Garbage to Energy Refinery (TGER).  The system has been through a number of iterations, solving the problems identified by field testing.   This innovative work will change how we deal with waste in forward locations, so that nothing is wasted.   This is great work that started at Edgewood and was supported by the REF.  Until we can reduce the waste we produce, let’s use it wisely. 

Now the military has had a solution to garbage for thousands of years.  It is, of course, the goat.  The goat can and will eat all kinds of garbage and is not particular about what it consumes.   There are drawbacks to goats that are obvious.  They are loud, filthy, obnoxious and odiferous.  They are generally found in herds, blindly following the butt in front of them.  Despite these obvious drawbacks, they do serve a purpose.  If you need to acquire goats to reduce the garbage you have, head to Lincoln Financial Field in Philly tomorrow.   There should be about 4000 of them there.  Take your pick.  They may be in bad shape after 1500 EST.  BEAT NAVY!  Dan Nolan 


HancockBS said...

Very fair and balanced of you Nolan!
Go Navy, Beat Army!

Anonymous said...

Go Navy!! Goats rule!!

Dan Nolan said...

It was a nail biter to the end. Well done, Midshipmen. Dan Nolan, USMA '76