Thursday, July 30, 2009

GovEnergy's Upcoming Energy Security Game

A few weeks ago the National Defense University sponsored the first DOD "Grid Game" to test how different agencies would react to scenarios of greater and lesser impact to the electric grid. Some observations and lessons learned are forthcoming, I believe.

Next, however, the upcoming GovEnergy conference will feature a 90-minute game to examine energy challenges and options more broadly and in more domains (energy is just one of them, others that impact energy such as: the economy, society, ecology, technology are also included ... and wait till you see the wild cards!) And the scope is across the Federal Government. Participants have the opportunity to apply their energy security knowledge through a series of energy security games based on "real world" scenarios.

These are the early days of energy war gaming, but with these two events in close succession, we're off to a pretty good start in 2009. Will be at the conference and will post the results here when ready. Click here for a 1-page overview ... and please try to attend if you can.

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