Monday, August 3, 2009

Geiss Marks a Turning Point in Army Energy Thinking

I really like the way Army Energy Program Director Kevin Geiss puts the focus squarely on Energy Security as a basis for new infrastructure moves such as a new 500 MW solar roll out at Fort Irwin, California:
One way to look at this is to just take a step back and not use the word renewable or alternative or anything and say okay, if we were going to try to get power and energy for our installations and we wanted to make sure that we have consistent access, that it’s affordable, that we would be at a low risk for disruption, that we would have decreased impact on the environment, I would say that our renewable and alternative energies would pop to the top of the list.
At some point, if not now, renewable energy simply becomes energy, and if you have your selection criteria set to the key drivers of our time, then solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear and the fossil big 3 all get a hearing based on pro's and con's. Full Wired article from last week's DOD Bloggers' Round table is here.

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