Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DOD's Transformers: Creating the Next Generation of Cleantech Warriors

NDU's Energy Security and Policy Chair Richard Andres has just penned a nice post at Global Security on DOD's role in changing the energy consciousness of two cultures:
  1. Its own - a work in progress but picking up speed every day as increasing numbers of service men and women are indoctrinated; and,
  2. The USA - the primary reservoir of and repository for DOD talent
Here, Andres lays out the logic ... and the math:
Militaries are good at creating cultural mindsets. They do it through boot camp, through war colleges, through constant repetition of messages and many other tried and proven methods. Each year the services take in hundreds of thousands (my emphasis) of young men and women and inculcate in them values they carry for the rest of their lives. Each year an equal number of servicemen and women exchange their uniform for business clothes and rejoin civilian society. Now that it has officially decided to go green, the organization that produces the dedicated men and women we see fighting the nation's wars today will work to produce a generation of leaders who will help to solve America and the world's energy and environmental challenges tomorrow.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Photo: CNET covering a recent welcoming session for a future energy warrior at my Rocky Mountain alma mater.

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