Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DOD & Aviation Biofuels Mid 2009 Update

Dr. Karbuz (as usual) offers an excellent status update on biofuels research from aviation and DOD perspectives. You'll get educated, but once he's taken you through all the milestones and anecdotes of recent progress, it's his first and last words words that drive home the enormity of this challenge:

First ...
Commercial Jet fuel has stringent requirements. Alternatives are expected to perform exactly like kerosene so that aircraft do not have to be modified. They are expected to be environmentally sustainable and cost effective. 
Last ...
All these are good news, at least the cost side. But the scale of required production still remains a problem. By the way, who will invest in biofuels production without having any purchase guarantee or government subsidies?
Here's the full post. And here's a release from SAIC on its algae work for DARPA.

Photo: Reuters


Nilam Zalavadiya said...

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hence we have to use more n more renewable bio fuels.
biomass briquette plant is such type of renewable energy resource production plant that produces the eco-friendly bio fuel briquettes from the biomass.

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