Monday, June 11, 2012

REPORT! Looking for help on AEMR, 2012

For fans of the blog and for the rest that just stomach it, you know I occasionally get scout reports and questions from the field.  Got this from one of the scouts out there, wondering where the mandated DOD energy reports are.  I have not been able to dredge them up, so if any of you good folks out there have seen the reports published this year, please let me know.  And if they are classified.....Never Mind. Following is question from the field: "Seen the reports yet........"
10 USC § 2925 - Annual Department of Defense energy management reports
(a) Annual Report Related to Installations Energy Management.- Not later than 120 days after the end of each fiscal year, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees an installation energy report detailing the fulfillment during that fiscal year of the energy performance goals for the Department of Defense under section 2911 of this title.
(b) Annual Report Related to Operational Energy.-
(1) Simultaneous with the annual report required by subsection (a), the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs, shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report on operational energy management and the implementation of the operational energy strategy established pursuant to section 139b  of this title.
Scout asks,  "120 days would be end of January, right?  So where are the reports for lastyear?  Last AEMR I saw was released in 2011, and based on 2010 data - so right now we're operating off of 2 year old data - (wonder if the OES was inpart based on 2 year old data..?)  Is that standard military protocol - to be 6 months late to Congress with year-old data?   Bueller, Bueller???"
Hope my crankiness is not rubbing off on others.........but do hope we get to see the data soon.  The AEMR is good intel for industry and if we are going to be on the team, we need the intel!  Look forward to your cards and letters and see you at the Army/Air Force RE Industry day tomorrow.   Dan Nolan


Brian Smith said...

The Energy Managment Report is here:

They're a bit behind the 120 days...probably because Brad Hancock is no longer running that show :)

NVH said...

So, the FY 2010 AEMR was released July 2011; Also the OES was released May 2011 and the OES implementation plan was released March 2012; Given that you've got at least a month for the FY 2011 AEMR (you don't really think Congress pays attention to THOSE dates do you Dan? And even if they do, the mea culpas just flow to our great civilian leaders until acquiescence is achieved by the Pentagon). As you can see per the link above they DO NOT keep the portal library with the most current docs either. Tell you what, I'm running into a DUSD I&E guy today, I'll try to get a date for you if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

When the report is available it will be posted here:

Like NVH said, last year's report (FY 2010) did not come out until July. Although the one from FY 2009 came out in May so it appears they are getting later each year...

Anonymous said...

DoD can't produce without the information from the Services. Since the Services provide monthly reports to their respective Service Chiefs on the readiness status of combat units -- and how many hundred of those are there? -- and they get that data right and on time EVERY MONTH, one would suppose that the Services would have the same level of responsiveness to a LEGAL requirement. I guess in the famous words of the master, the Services get done what's important to THEM.

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