Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Army/Air Force Renewable Energy Fest

Time is short for those who have not signed up for the Joint U.S. Army – U.S. Air Force Renewable Energy Industry Day on 12 June.  There are only seats for 800, so hurry.  The reported purpose for the one day conference is to:

 “bring together government and industry leaders to discuss opportunities for public-private collaboration in renewable energy development.  Senior Army and Air Force energy officials will provide specific direction on each service’s renewable energy goals as well as the processes through which the Army and Air Force are seeking to establish partnerships with the private sector.   The event will serve as a forum for discussion of the approaches and technical challenges to overcome as the military and private sector work together to build renewable energy capacity and strengthen energy security.”

I am sure that everyone will be waiting with bated breath for information on the Huntsville PPA RFP, but since Huntsville is not on the agenda and, unless the RFP is released between then and now, I suspect no one on the agenda will address specifics.  At most, we will get a “due out date” for the RFP or at least an update on the 800+ comments made on the draft.  Hope springs eternal!

Personally, I would like to hear about what other RE opportunities will be available from the Army (things not covered by the AEITF 10 megawatt level of indifference) and how the reorganization of AFCESA and restructuring of third party financing decision authority in the AF will effects their efforts.  This conference is narrowly focused on RE so conservation and efficiency folks may not be well served.  As for microgrid folks, if you did not attend either of the military microgrid conference that bookended May, you missed out….at least until GovEnergy.   See you there!  Dan Nolan


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Anonymous said...

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Solar MA said...

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