Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Coalition Jumping on Energy Efficiency (EE) Bandwagon ... how about DOD?

Jesse Berst's SmartGridNews.com site recently featured a short article announcing the formation of SPEER (which stands for South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource), as well as outlining its objectives, which include initially:
Concentrating on energy efficiency training and education programs and on coordinating energy efficiency codes, programs and standards.
You may find a lot that's useful on SPEER's resources page, HERE, including a document I really like the looks of, a guide for baselining energy efficiency programs at utilities that I think offers a lot for installations as well.

Dan's more up to speed on current EE policy and actions in the Department, but I feel like  high profile renewables projects and alt fuels initiatives are getting the lion's share of attention.

On the other hand, EE is the less glamorous but often biggest-bang-for-the-buck counterpart to all attempts to improve operational and facilities energy security, and I'd want to make sure I'd exhausted all my low hanging and mid hanging fruit EE opportunities before I started allocating the larger dollars for solar, wind, alt fuels, etc.

Before I sign off, please note that one person shining a steady light on EE opportunities on the operational side of the equation is Sharon Burke, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs, and you can see some of her recent comments and links on her active Facebook page HERE.

Kudos for leveraging social media, a most energy efficient means for getting the word out. Andy Bochman

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Jim Pierobon said...

DoD deserves a LOT more kudos than it's getting for leading the cleaner-lesser-more secure energy charge. The buying power all branches of the armed services bring to efficiency, renewable energy and smart grid industries is THE most promising revenue- and job-creating opportunity for the US economy.