Thursday, January 5, 2012

US Commander in Afghanistan Says it Short and Sweet re: Operational Energy

Hat tip to Ollie for this. In a recent one-page memo on energy to all servicemen and servicewomen in theater, General Allen, USFOR-A, not the first and likely not the last Marine general to completely "get" energy, summed it up this way:
"Operational energy equates exactly to operational capability." 
Hard to miss his meaning. Supporting points included:
  • "A military force that reduces its fuel consumption becomes more agile and insulates itself from logistics disruptions."
  • "I expect commanders to improve fuel accountability ...."
  • "[Operation energy] is about increasing our forces' endurance, becoming more lethal, and reducing the number of men and women risking their lives moving fuel."
You can read the memo HERE.

Image credit (and Gen Allen bio): Wikipedia

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Scott Pugh said...

Great to see my USNA 76 classmate GEN John Allen, USMC making smart comments about military energy issues - they're not the same as US national energy challenges and the differences are important.