Friday, November 11, 2011

A Motion for Better Utility Bill Content

Sorry if I confused you with School House Rock Bill, but he's a personal favorite, and I plug him whenever I can. And I'm not referring to one of the myriad energy bills coursing through ... or foundering on the rocks of the Hill these days.

No. Rather, with thanks to Mike Aimone, we've got this electric sector news for you.

This is low tech tech, easy-to-do stuff: the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has just put out a report saying that your bill, your monthly electric utility bill that is, could do much more than it probably does today.

In particular, the ACEEE contents that 3 key (and relatively easeee to implement) elements could do a lot to improve consumer usage patterns:
  • pro-efficiency messaging
  • educational tips and contacts
  • peer comparisons
On behalf of service members living on and off base, CONUS DOD installations could and I'd say should lobby their local utilities to make these updates. A longer summary page and the full report is available HERE. Andy Bochman

Image credit: Central Washington University


jason @ solar panels said...

I should imagine that the utility companies will fight this. after all, why would they want people to save electricity and gas? - it cuts into their profits.

pete @ heat pump installers said...

im sure the energy companies won't be happy about this but they have to look to teh future and invest in greener technology before they are run out of business

Nate said...

sophie said...

I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though!