Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Energy Battle Hand Over

I would like to begin by thanking Andy Bochman for his hard work in putting together and publishing the DOD Energy Blog (DEC) for the past two years. I remember when I was first referred to the DEB by friends in the DOD Energy Community (DEC).

The DEC is a group of men and women, in government and out, that have recognized the national security, economic and environmental implications of our dependence on fossil fuels for the motive power of our country. They have been working relentlessly and often silently to shape the policies, form the organizations, develop the technologies and provide the leadership necessary to overcome these vulnerabilities.

Andy has given voice to these efforts. He has done the research, gotten the interviews and highlighted what was and wasn’t happening in DOD Energy. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his effort. I am appreciative personally for the opportunity he gave me to have my voice heard as well. And since no good deed goes unpunished, I was flattered and intimidated by taking on the task for the next couple of months while Andy heads to the Bahamas. Of course if he had been paying attention to the weather (climate is what we predict; weather is what we get) he might have noted the two Category Four hurricanes that just blew through that region. We wish him a much deserved rest, while we know he is really going to slaving over his other couple of blogs, his day job and, of course, his family.

In Andy’s absence I will focus on the areas of policy, technology, organizations and examples of DOD leading or lagging in the quest for energy security. One of the most important things we in the DEC can do is settle on the language. Terms such as microgrid, smart grid, energy security, energy surety and the like deserve definitions upon which we can all agree.

I look forward to these blogs as a means to continue the dialog, inform, educate and call to action. I will also attempt to curb my sense of humor (such as it is) as well as personal opinion, but I will take a position occasionally and look forward to hear from you all on that. Again, Andy, thank you for this opportunity and enjoy your break. All the best, Dan

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