Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changing of the Guard: Nolan gives Bochman a Break at DOD Energy Blog Helm

OK, I admit it. I've been writing this blog, each and every week since the first post in August 2008. That's over 400 posts. And I'm not going to mention that I write another blog or that I have a day job or kids to raise. No, I'll spare you all that. As you have guessed by now, it's a labor of love. But what I will share, is this:

Over the last year, Dan Nolan, retired Army O-6, early member of the Power Surety Task Force (PSTF), the Rapid Equipping Force and Operation Free, has been author of some of the most heavily viewed posts on this blog (examples HERE and HERE). As evidence of his steet cred, here's Dan, with his PSTF hat on, being interviewed by Tom Friedman about DOD energy (click HERE and then start the Discovery Channel flash video).

Dan's going to have the bridge at the DOD Energy Blog for a month or two, while I go to the Bahamas, figuratively speaking. When I come back, refreshed and renewed, we'll see if Dan is willing to turn the reigns back over to me ... or not. Either way, you're about to get a steady stream of new DOD energy data and insights from a completely different vector.

I told Dan I'll be one of his most active readers and won't hesitate to ping him when I've got a question, comment or complaint, and you should do the same. You'll soon see his mug in the blog's sidebar along with a link to his LinkedIn bio and an email address you can use should you wish to address him. And you can expect the first all-Nolan post next week sometime.

Now where was I? Oh yes, let me straighten out my pool-side lounge chair, get my classical jazz playlists queued up on my new iPod Touch, and make sure I've got plenty of refreshments. Won't you pour me a Cuban Breeze, Gretchen? Got get 'em, Dan ... and thanks for this !!!

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