Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DOD Operational Energy finally has its Director !

Some things move slowly for a reason. Some things just take time. For example, I've heard the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) described as "slow as a turtle statue." Well, it's ok by me if they take their time. But other things are better when they are faster. Think: runners, computers, jets, toaster waffles ... and filling crucial leadership vacuums.

That's how I've always felt about the slowly dawning awareness of the mission centrality of energy strategy among DOD senior leaders. So, over the past decade or so, while the two energy DSBs, the GAO, certain congressmen and other experts have been strongly recommending the establishment and staffing of a senior DOD operational energy slot, it's only now, mid 2010, that all the hoops and hurdles have been navigated and we can say mission accomplished. Or better yet, mission started.

In this, the first announcement I've seen (thanks again to Ollie), I'm disappointed to read about Sharon Burke as if all she cares and knows about is climate change. From following her work at CNAS and her statements during the SASC hearings, her knowledge of DOD energy challenges (and potential solutions) is extensive. I'm looking forward to some more-informed analysis of what she brings to this critical new post and listening to how she articulates her initial objectives and action items now that she's been powered up.

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