Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Important (and Promising) Defense Energy Leadership Announcement

DLA's loss is the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC's) gain, or perhaps it's no loss at all. One look at RADM Kurt Kunkel's resume and it's clear he's massively qualified to do this job, steeped as he is in logistics and operational energy matters. Challenges of the day include supporting fuel procurement and delivery to one of the most logistically remote parts of the planet: Afghanistan, as well as dealing with fuels price volatility and a DOD increasingly intent on reducing its dependence on fossil sources.

For those unfamiliar with DESC, it handles all fuels matters for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). And though it's headcount is modest, it's footprint is ginormous. As GlobalSecurity.org puts it:
The Center purchases more light refined petroleum product than any other single organization or company in the world. With a $3.5 billion annual budget, DESC procures nearly 110 million barrels of petroleum products each year. That’s enough fuel for 1,000 cars to drive around the world 4,620 times—or 115.5 trillion miles. products. The Center manages jet fuels, aviation gasoline, automotive gasoline, heating oils, power generation, naval propulsion fuels, lubricants, natural gas and coal. The key military fuels procured are: JP-5, a kerosene-based jet fuel primarily used for Navy carrier-based aircraft; JP-8, a kerosene-based fuel similar to Jet A-1, a commercial jet fuel; and F-76, a U.S. naval diesel similar to marine gas oil.
Excerpted press release here:
"Kunkel named next energy support center commander", by Dianne Ryder, 1/4/2010
Defense Logistics Agency Chief of Staff Navy Rear Adm. Kurt Kunkel hasbeen named the next commander of the Defense Energy Support Center. In his role as DESC commander, Kunkel will be responsible for providing the Department of Defense and other government agencies with comprehensive energy solutions and ensuring continuous worldwide energy support to America's warfighters. Prior to becoming DLA's chief of staff, Kunkel served as the deputy director for Operational Logistics, director of Logistics (J4), on the Joint Staff.
Photo Credit: Defense Logistics Agency

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