Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conference Alert: 5th Annual Military Energy Alternatives

Hard to believe the marcusevans conference folks had the foresight to be at this topic for so long, but it's true. Some great folks speaking at this one, and some pretty sweet workshops too. Here's your 4 Ws and an H:
  • What: 3 day conference on alt fuels for DOD
  • Where: Four Points Sheraton, Downtown DC
  • When: 19-21 January, 2010
  • Why: Driven by a huge surge in awareness last year related to fuel-convoy-related casualties, "The Pentagon, which traditionally has not made saving energy much of a priority, has launched initiatives to find alternative fuel sources, and currently has a diverse energy portfolio."
  • How: Register here
Sorry for the short notice. Thanks to Vince Marshall of the USN for bringing this to my attention. For more info, follow this link.

Photo Credit: Sheraton

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