Saturday, October 11, 2008

DOD Renewables Deployment Update

IEEE provides a nice round-up of current and near-future DOD renewables deployments.  At 11.9% today, DOD is working overtime to reach its goal of 25% renewable power by 2025. Here's a few of them for you (I've listed capacities when provided):
  • 270 MWs of geothermal @ China Lake, California (now) 
  • 14 MWs of solar @ Nellis AFB, Nevada (now)
  • 3.8 MWs of wind @ Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (now)
  • 30 MWs of geothermal @ Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada (coming)
  • Geothermal @ Hawthorne Army Depot, Nevada (coming)
  • Wind @ Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas (coming)
  • 8+ MWs of solar, biomass, geothermal @ McGuire AFB, New Jersey (coming)
  • Solar and wind @ Fort Huachuca, Arizona (now)
  • Solar @ Fort Drum, New York (now)
Lots of activity, lots of opportunity. In the face of tremendous budget pressures, renewables projects have to pay for themselves, and quickly. Fortunately, for most of these, when coupled with renewables incentives in certain states, that's exactly what's happening.

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