Sunday, October 5, 2008

Air Force "Green"?

As this article from early 2008 shows, the Air Force is kicking butt in renewable energy deployments on its bases, and this is great. But when it comes to its enthusiasm for so-called "Green Fuels", it's not such a clear winner. One of my DOD energy mentors, Dr. Sohbet Karbuz has just published a post where he gives all the different synth fuel players and approaches some time. But it's what he says at the bottom of his post that most closely parallels what I've been getting from the AF to date. He's been covering AF synth fuel work for some time, and has this to say re: the current outlook:
My thoughts on green fuels have not changed: They are expensive, not that green, don't improve USAF mission capability, add extra burden to taxpayers, but are good business for the military-industry complex.
I'm totally in favor of improving the non foreign supply of fuels to US war fighters in general, and the AF in particular. But so much AF activity at present seems almost like busy work. Is there a roadmap available that shows the AF building on what it's learning to deliver truly cleaner, cost competitive fuels on a scale that makes a difference? If so, I'd like to see it.

DOD Photo courtesy of Jim Gordon @ Flickr

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