Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 End of Year Update

Hello new, old and ancient (no offense) DEB readers.  Please accept my apologies for taking more than 12 months to add a new post when during the good old days (2008-2013) this was a weekly if not a daily endeavor.

This note doesn't signal a return to that former rhythm; rather, just want you to know I keep my eye on the blog's traffic stats and can confirm that people continue to find the material archived here and find it useful. So am certainly planning on maintaining the current site and who knows, may be able to restore it to its former pace and glory at some point. (Dan Nolan: I know you're out there !!!) BTW I am pretty active on Twitter these days and you can follow me at:

Meanwhile ...

The opportunities I get to pursue as part of the DOE at the Idaho National Lab continue to amaze.  Having served in the Air Force in my early days, and then in companies large, small and very small after that, I can say with confidence that nothing I've done before comes close to the national energy + security impact I'm now having. It's truly the most satisfying time in my work life and I hope you, if you've haven't had this feeling yet, will be able to at some point in your career.

The staggering scope of some of the problems we're tackling can overwhelm. The constraints can discourage. And the urgency with which we've got to set things right is not something many decision-makers yet understand.

If you're a part of keeping our nation safe at any level, be it Federal, State, local, critical infrastructure owner/operator, supplier, service provider, etc., I'll be happy to support you in any way I can. At a minimum, point you in potentially helpful directions or connect you with the right/best folks.

In the meantime, another year is about to be in the books. I've got lots of things to be thankful for, not the least of which are my family and the many incredible and like-minded people I work with and also call friends. I wish the best for you and yours and will be happy if our paths can cross in 2016, online, in the real world, or anywhere in between.

AB & Crew, Boston, Dec 2015


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