Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Energy KPP now Crawls, no Running Yet, but Considers Walking

The concept of a key performance parameter (KPP) or metric for Energy goes back to the two DSB Reports on Energy in 2001 and 2008 and by 2009 it made it to the NDAA.

This blogger has been writing about and advocating for measuring energy to better manage energy almost since its inception.  I just searched for "KPP" and found maybe a couple of dozen posts, the first in Oct 2008.

Seemed like it was going to take forever, but I'm happy to announce to readers who haven't gotten the news via other sources that the Energy KPP is most definitely alive and in motion. Consider this guidance excerpt OSD is passing to DOD Services:
Service performs macro analysis early in requirements process considering:
  • CONOPS and OMS/MP 
  • Refueling assets (force structure) and capacity 
  • Frequency of refueling and % assets needed at one time 
  • Convoy distances (doctrine) and estimated travel times 
  • RED action on BLUE logistics 
  • Attrition of refueling assets 
  • Security for refueling assets 
Great stuff, right? Imagine the work involved in exploring the threat vectors to blue logistics and the motivation that would give you to get this thinking baked in early.

Here's a link to a one page overview which includes a link to this somewhat jumbled presentation.


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