Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 TIDES DOD/USG Energy Technology Demos Coming to You ... Now

Correction just in:

The TIDES Demo is NOT this week but in October. We have a large TIDES Demo at Fort McNair from 1-4 OCT and a smaller display inside the PENTAGON COURTYARD from 7-9 OCT.

Well, that is if you work at Fort McNair or the Pentagon. Or if you live nearby, and convince them to let you in. This blog first covered the STAR-TIDES program back in 2008, but it's a great success and just keeps humming along.  Let's revisit the acronym before we begin:

STAR = Sustainable Technologies, Accelerated Research.
TIDES = Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support. 

Got it?  OK, thanks to National Defense University's Lou Elin Dwyer for the heads-up and most of the verbiage on this. And BTW, this is going on right now at Fort McNair and next week at the Pentagon!

I'll get out of the way and let Lou Elin do the talking:
This year's theme is "Innovate, Improve, and Imagine: Operational Solutions for Stressed Environments" This event is widely attended by the Department of Defense officials; government agencies (DOE, USAID, DHS, FEMA, State Department, as well as an array of private, for-profit and non-profit organizations.
We put an emphasis on sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient technologies that can support stressed populations, post-war, post-disaster, and impoverished. Technologies featured include integrated solar and combustion cooking, distributed renewable power, water filtration systems, low-cost and low-power consumption information and communications technology (ICT) equipment. All activities are independent of the power grid, and communications will be live. 
The purpose of this year's demo is to enhance public-private partnerships with interagency, whole-of-society, and international activities. TIDES approaches support DoD missions ranging from pre-conflict initiatives that shape security environments and build partner capacity to post-war stabilization and reconstruction, to humanitarian assistance/ disaster response and defense support of civil authorities. 
The real beauty about the TIDES demo is that it brings together people who might not otherwise work together in support of DoD missions. Part of our role is to educate and inform the broader DOD/USG community about low-cost, energy efficient solutions that are out there. 
You can reach her at LouElin dot Dwyer at if you have questions.



This year's demo:

2012 video at:

STAR TIDES program site

DOD Energy Blog on STAR TIDES, Oct 2008


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