Friday, January 25, 2013

DLA-E Marshalls Energy Gurus: DoD Will Not Pass on Alt Gas.

The crème de la creme of the DoD fuels world met at the Defense Logistics Agency Energy’s headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Va., on Jan. 9.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss accomplishments and the way ahead.  They discussed the implementation of the DOD policy letter from 2012 on Alt Fuels and opportunities for the future.  No mention of the next “Great Green Fleet” or specific plans, but everyone now knows what the other ones are doing and what plans they have.  I assume they are keeping it quiet so as not to draw the ire of Senator McCain.

With the Army hitting the pause button on spending, it will be up to the Navy and Air Force to carry the load here.  But after last year’s brouhaha, those Service Chiefs might be leery about drawing fire.  If the President’s comments on renewable energy in his inaugural speech are to be taken seriously, someone will have to put money behind it.   That means subsidies (new taxes?) or using the Military to get after it for liquid fuels. 

The President will have to put our money where his mouth is to make this happen.  I will watch to see what Executive Orders are issued in the next 90 days to support this.  My sense is that the Services aren’t looking to spend money that does not directly impact readiness and that Congress is unlikely to get their stuff together long enough to fund Alt Fuels.  Let me know what you think!  Except CAPT Pugh; I KNOW where you are, my brother!  Dan Nolan

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