Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Navy Biofuels R&D Get Royal Boost: Branson in Virgin Territory

Thanks for the heads up from Suzanne Hunt and the Carbon War Room.  In the latest exchange of fire over DOD's participation in the R&D for biofuels, the Navy got some help from British nobility in the form of Sir Richard Branson.  Sir Richard's Carbon War Room, according to their website, attempts to harness the efforts of entrepreneurs to leverage market driven opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.  Among its’ “divisions” is the Aviation & Renewable Jet Fuel Operation.  Their mission is “to reduce the aviation industry's greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating the scale-up of a sustainable renewable jet fuel industry.

A video was provided by the CWR supporting the U.S. Navy’s biofuels charettes.  Development of biofuels is a critical element in increasing U.S. energy security, but some have argued that at a time of diminishing budgets, we cannot afford this kind of R&D. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself. BRANSON VIDEO.  Dan Nolan

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Sara Lake said...

Great news. Good job, Suzanne, and to you, Dan, for reporting on such a collaboration.