Friday, July 27, 2012

Preparing to Eat Crow: Is the Huntsville RFP Imminent?

Inside Defense reported that the long awaited Huntsville solicitation for the Army’s power purchase agreements is due out today.  It is 1604 EST on Friday, 27 July 2012 and nothing out on FBO.  If it comes out today, will not be having my normal pizza dinner.   I will be eating crow. I was predicting October at the earliest.   I haven’t seen the promised FAQs which I believed would harbinger the RFP.  Waiting to hear back from EITF on that.

Ms. Hammack, ASA, Installation, Energy and Environment, was credited with making the announcement at an Association of the United States Army breakfast yesterday.  I will continue to comb FBO for word and keep you posted. If it comes out, we can all start scrambling to get our teaming partners in line.  If it doesn't, well, whatcha dunna do? According to my last second check before I posted, as of 26 July 12,  FBO now says:
Solicitation W912DY-11-R-0036 will be posted within the next 15 days. The pre-solicitation notice was posted to on 24 Feb 2012 in the form of a draft RFP.
I still owe you a post on the very excellent Adm Moorer Energy Conference.  Will have that for you early next week. Weekends are for sissies and sleep is for the weak.  Dan Nolan

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