Thursday, July 28, 2011

INSS Comes to Defense of DOD Energy Plan: "Next Piece Won't be Vague"

This just in.....DOD publishes DOD Energy Strategy. National Defense University declares that criticism is unjust. They are hopeful.
"Hopefully the implementation plan will address the criticisms voiced about the vagueness of the strategy”, says Dr. Richard Andres.

The Institute for National Strategic Studies lauds the ASD, OEPP for getting a “first piece in the overall energy plan” published just two years after being directed to form by Congress in 2009. Of course the speed with which DOD was able to place a nominee before Congress should have given a clue in that the confirmation hearing did not occur until early 2010.

Not sure what Dr. Andres feels is unjust. The Energy Security Strategic Plan published by the DOD Energy Security Task Force in 2008 was a comprehensive and directive document. Many of its authors work in the office of the ASD/OEPP. I guess my lack of patience is that most of the work had been done; the challenge should have just been in re-coordinating. 

But the fact is, the Services hold all the cards. The only one that Ms. Burke holds is the ability to certify the energy budget for Services against the DOD plan. The longer we wait for the plan, the less time the Services have to ensure their budgets are compliant. Of course, I am not sure what happens if a budget is not certified. Maybe they get another 90 days and a do over. Dan Nolan

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