Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pike's Peek in to Military Power: The Encyclopedia of DOD Energy

If you are in or have any intention of entering the DOD energy field, you must read the new report by Pike Research. According to their website, Pike Research is “a market research and consulting firm that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets.” The report entitled “Renewable Energy for Military Applications”, like all research efforts, is a snapshot in time. The data call cutoff date was Jan 2011. That being said it is the most comprehensive examination of everything related to DOD energy. There are a couple of minor inconsistencies and omissions, but this is still the most encyclopedic compilation of DOD energy data that I have seen.

The report focuses on the mandates for and development of renewable energy technologies within the DOD. Additionally it provides a "moment in time" view of current energy use, supply topics, financial mechanisms and legislative/administrative mandates. It does not try to reach conclusions but provides the facts necessarily to look at this potentially huge market with intelligence.

Pike Research “concentrates on the wide array of emerging renewable energy technologies presently competing for incorporation into mainstream activities". They discuss energy conservation actions suggest as part of the movement toward LEED certification, insulation measures for forward operating bases, retrofits for military installations and cyber security and other cleantech markets.

Pike provides the facts; interpretation is left up to the readers. Definitely worth the investment if one choose to engage in this most rapidly evolving segment of the energy market. See you there! Dan Nolan


Jeremy said...

Looks great, but I almost choked when I saw the price. How's a grad student supposed to afford close to $4, 000 for a single report?

Tom Mahowald said...

Jeremy, Pike Research offers a 50% academic discount for grad students, and you can get a free executive summary of the report after registering at pikeresearch.com
Tom Mahowald
Pike Research

jeremy said...

Hi Tom,

I'm actually reading the executive summary now, and it looks great. Still can't afford the full report, even with the 50% discount.