Saturday, February 5, 2011

MEAT Report on the Table

Just got word that the U.S. Marine Energy Assessment Team (MEAT) Report is on the street and available here. According to the source, the MEAT Team mission was one of a series of actions driven by the Commandant (CMC) and the Marine Corps to address its energy challenges. In October 2009 the CMC created the Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O) to "analyze, develop and direct the Marine Corps energy strategy."

In late 2009, at CMC's direction, the Marine Corps established the Experimental Forward Operating Base, or "ExFOB," to identify and evaluate new capabilities to make combat units more energy self-sufficient in today's fight and in the future. In less than a year's time, ExFOB sourced commercial and government capabilities, trained an Infantry Company with renewable energy technology, and deployed them to Afghanistan in winter 2010--delivering a positive impact on combat effectiveness.

We anticipate that in early 2011 the Corps will issue a comprehensive Expeditionary Energy Strategy, complete with goals, performance metrics, and a plan for implementation out to 2025. At the same time they intend to take steps to institutionalize the change by establishing formal requirements via the Expeditionary Energy, Water, and Waste Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), now in draft.

This final line is the most telling. Finally DOD will have an actual Requirement documents to allow the acquisition wheels to start turning. More on this in the next post.

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