Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naming Chihuahuas: Anderson on Operational Energy

BG(R) Steve Anderson will tell you that the cleanest, cheapest, most secure electron is the one you don’t use. As the former senior logistician for GEN Petraeus in Iraq, Steve was instrumental in finding energy efficient ways to lower demand, thus reducing convoys and casualties. In today’s NYT, Anderson takes the military to task for failing to take advantage of proven energy conservation measures. He lays the failure at the feet of “passive leadership, lack of accountability, competing priorities”. Steve is not known for sugar coating things and this piece does not disappoint

This is a must read and must act on editorial. When the ODOEPP issues its 180 day report, I hope they include this. People and organizations change for one of two reasons: overwhelming opportunity or overwhelming threat. Otherwise they just maintain the status quo. If saving lives is not a great enough opportunity, I can’t imagine what the overwhelming threat would have to be.

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linda said...

This is a great article and gets right to the core of the challenge! LG