Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conference Alert: GovEnergy 2010, Y'all

What: the biggest conference of the year focused on the intersection of US government (with a heavy dose of DOD) and energy (particularly facilities) matters. Big enough this year, in fact, to draw Amory Lovins as a keynote.

Where: Dallas, TX at the Dallas Convention Center

When: 15-18 August (a great time to visit the Lone Star State, don't you think?)

Why: as with all conferences, the speakers are the draw, but much of the real value comes from sharing war stories, best practices and lessons learned with peers in the trenches. With GovEnergy, many of the attendees are facilities energy managers or similar. Comparing notes on renewables integration and financing issues, energy efficiency initiatives and targets, and emerging Smart Grid and Smart Grid security matters. They've got a lot on their plates as power equipment that used to be protected via isolation is now increasingly getting connected to IT networks and, as discussed here on the sister blog, is being targeted by adversaries.

How: more info here at the GovEnergy 2010 site

Photo credit: n thomas at Flickr.com

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