Friday, April 23, 2010

New DOD Energy and Climate Report out from Pew

From the smart folks at the Pew Trust's project on National Security, Energy and Climate comes a new report titled: "Reenergizing America's Defense." It's got a bigger thrust on climate than I usually cover on this blog, but a well done piece that covers the intersection of climate and energy challenges and initiatives across the Department.

The report has a lot of helpful and current info, but as you might expect, it's going to lean towards the green side of things, including biofuels promotion. Of course, from an energy security point of view, I'm in favor of the development of every kind of new fuel and energy source we can pursue. But also want to make sure we don't trick ourselves into thinking we're killing many birds with one stone. Sometimes, we're just mitigating one problem but leaving other important ones un-addressed ... and sometimes causing new trouble along the way.

Really like this mind-sharpening summary note from the USAF's Ollie Fritz:
Fuel could be free of cost and free of emissions, and we would still have risks associated with our energy requirement. Reducing our need for energy (of any kind) is the sweet spot - [that] reduces operational risk and reduces emissions. Doesn't mean we shouldn't pursue alternative fuels, but alt fuels alone do not reduce operational risk for deployed operations.
See what I mean? You can download the PDF here and the Pew's Energy and Environment team can be found here.

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