Sunday, November 22, 2009

More on MORS: Learning to Ask the Right Operational Energy Questions

I must stop using the acronym MORS (for military operations research society) in post titles as it's tempting me to unleash some of the worst puns in my brief blogging career. Here's the previous one, and I'll risk it just this one last time because this conference is something beyond the DOD Energy norm.

One of the best things about this event is that it brings DOD's analytic community together to engage on energy issues face-to-face. Namely, progress it seeks to make involves improvements in risk assessment, prioritization of energy investment and work, and mainstreaming DOD energy considerations so they are understood from a capabilities perspective. 

Along the way, some pointed questions on energy will be asked, and from these, still more are sure to arise. Here's a few likely starters for you:
  • How are DOD leaders and action officers deciding what's most important to do first, and what the desired effects should be? 
  • What are the rationales for how scarce resources are being allocated today? 
  • Do the requirements people have a basic understanding of what's available with low technical risk for reducing fuel demand in the field today? 
  • While we talk about reducing energy demand and increasing renewable supplies to improve capability, who's working on showing how much is enough?
To get within a country mile of answers to any/all of the above, we need analysis done by sources trusted by senior leaders. Answers may be a ways in the future, but the sooner DOD energy "staff" can learn to ask these questions at the appropriate times, the faster investments, experimentation, adoption and better results will appear. 

It's coming up right after Thanksgiving, so here's the 
direct link to the conference 
if you'd like to learn more or attend. I promise I won't say any MORS. ;)

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