Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deloitte on DOD Energy and Dough

Combined with the acquisition of my day-time company and the tumult that's ensued, there have been so many relevant energy reports released lately that I've found myself struggling to digest and post them on this blog in a timely manner. Struggled unsuccessfully, you may have noticed.

OK, that ends now with this link to a good one from Deloitte with experts from inside and outside DOD. Some of it is familiar stuff, some new. But as the cliche goes, pictures trump words (or something like that).

At the gut level, the slide above tells you all you need to know about the future of global gasoline demand. And not just demand - the analysis lays out all the drivers to show that going forward, energy of all kinds is going to cost more, both to DOD, as well as to industry and consumers. Anyone still in favor of status quo policy for DOD fuels? I don't think so. More on that coming pronto in posts on some other solid DOD and energy reports from mid-2009.

Slide from: DOD Energy Mandates - Key Considerations for the Financial Management Community, May 2009

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