Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calling My Russian Counterpart on Military Energy

It appears Russia will soon be embarking on a major rehab of its defense forces. I did some googling to see if there was some awareness that fuel efficiency or demand reduction could advantages in new systems, but couldn't get anything.

Maybe it's a language translation problem that's stymieing the searches. Or maybe Russia, flush with its own abundant oil and natural gas reserves, hasn't thought about it yet. In the US, while we have a long way to go to bring energy strategy fully into the fold at the Department, there are plenty of signs (quite visible online) we're doing it. For one thing, we have a slot that's going to be filled (any day now) for an OSD Director of Operational Energy. And not only that, we've got a thing called the DOD Energy Blog. We're showing our hand. 

So the question is: Is Russia hiding their hand? Or do they even have one? I'd be happy to get a response.

Photo of Russian Tiger vehicle: Wikimedia Commons

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