Wednesday, December 17, 2008

JCTD + PSFT = Energy Efficiency Home Runs

JCTD = Joint Capability Technology Demonstration. PSTF = Power Surity Task Force. Follow this link to one of the best energy efficiency presentations I've seen lately. Deals with tents at forward operating bases (FOBs) as well as CONUS structures. One of the slides breaks it out like this:

Old School Approach
  • Four 300Kw generators for ten un-insulated tents
  • Total of 1.2MW, or an average of 120Kw per tent
  • Was not enough, so two more 300Kw generators brought in for a total of 1.8MW, or an average of 180 Kw per tent
PSFT Approach
  • Foam-insulated tent with permanent HVAC requires a 30Kw generator
  • 75% - 83% reduction in the generator size
  • Straight-line projection (approx 75% - 83% ) fuel savings
By retired Army Colonel Dan Nolan, founder of Sabot 6, it's about action, not talk. Action that's recently been taken, is happening right now, and will be happening shortly,that will save the DOD time, money, and most importantly, the lives of its most valuable resource of all: the troops.

Photo: USA Today

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