Sunday, November 2, 2008

Executive Order 13423 Drives GSA Change

There's a new energy vehicle in town, though it's not a plug-in hybrid. Washington Technology has a brief announcement of the update and more info can be found here from the GSA itself under the 03FAC Facilities Maintenance & Management schedule.

This contract will make it much easier for Federal Agencies to respond to the renewable energy and energy management objectives outlined by President Bush in last year's Executive Order 13423 (see link in sidebar)

As part of the announcement, GSA outlined the services offered via this schedule, including:
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Energy Management Program Support, Planning and Strategies
  • Water Audits, Management and Conservation Solutions
  • Resource Efficiency Management and Training
  • Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Building Commissioning Services
  • Metering and Advanced Metering Services 
It's all good stuff.  And as good as it is for Federal leadership to set new energy goals and pronounce success metrics and targets, it's even better when they put the keys in the agencies' hands so they can drive themselves in this new and greatly improved direction.

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