Friday, September 12, 2008

As Oil Prices Fall ... No Sleeping This Time

The price of oil goes up and down (see previous post on oil price yo-yo), we've seen it all before. Now, with a monster storm named Ike barreling its way through the Gulf of Mexico threatening a significant percentage of US refining capacity, oil's current downward trends are hardly affected by the risk.

Yet as this article points out, this would be a particularly bad time to get complacent on energy security. Many humans seem to prefer reactive vs. proactive thinking. Me, I always prefer making tough decisions when I'm not in crisis mode, and oil dropping back to and through $100, from a late 2008 point of view, seems to be a gift. An unexpected bit of breathing room. Highly recommend DOD not waste it. Peak oil means we'll be back to $150 oil and beyond before we know it.

Peak Oil Chart of EIA

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